MCEDC collaborates with universities, schools, and other organizations working in developing communities to develop curriculum, train local trainers, conduct project monitoring and evaluation, and replicate the EDC approach. Through its sponsored projects, MCEDC provides technical assistance and training to build local capacity to achieve resiliency and self-sufficiency.

Past MCEDC Outreach Projects

  • Green Energy Vocational Training in Haiti
    Project Description: The general objective of the project is to instill the necessary knowledge, skills and resources in Haiti’s workforce to provide for the country’s long-term energy needs. Specifically, the project seeks to develop a 250-hour vocational training curriculum on renewable energy that incorporates classroom and practical learning opportunities and build local capacity to provide vocational training using a “train-the-trainers” approach.
    Sponsors: IEEE Foundation Haiti Reconstruction Fund, University of Colorado Boulder Outreach Committee
    Local Partner: NEGES Foundation, Leogane, Haiti
    Faculty Engaged: Alan Mickelson, Michael Hannigan
    Students Engaged: Matt Hulse, Mark Hasemeyer, Nathan Canney, Joanna Gordon, Kelli Fischer, Alex Demarais, Steven Kluck

  • Increasing smallholder income through appropriate technology in the Jatropha biofuel value chain in Guatemala
    Project Description: Identify value added products that can be made from rural agricultural waste streams in Chiquimula, Guatemala to provide income or reduce costs for small farmers.
    Sponsor: National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Allliance (NCIIA)
    Local Partner: Technoserve, Guatemala
    Products Being Explored:  Fuel briquettes, organic fertilizer, and compost
    Faculty Engaged: Bernard Amadei, Mark Hernandez, Francy Milner
    Students engaged: Kristen Matsumura, Boston Nyer, John Barbee
    To learn moreProject Presentation from EDC Cafe talk
  • Fuel Briquette Project in Kabul, Afghanistan with Afghans for Tomorrow and FoSt Nepal
  • High Efficiency Stove Microenterprise in Rwanda
  • Afghan Merit Scholar Program in Geosciences and Engineering at the University of Colorado. In collaboration with the Afghan e-Quality Alliance at Washington State University
  • Developing a Replicable Model for Sustainable Technology Entrepreneurship in Afghanistan
  • Tele-Education in the Amazon Region of Peru 
  • Casa de la Ezperanza Science and Math Center expansion project in Longmont, CO
  • Sustainable practices for affordable housing in Palestine in partnership with EWB-Palestine
  • Sustainable Engineering in the Eastern Mediterranean Region initiative (2009-2010)
  • Developing Sustainable Housing and a Self-Sufficient Housing Industry on the Crow Reservation (2007-2012)

Engineers Without Borders-USA Projects

Some Mortenson Center affiliated students and faculty are also actively involved in the CU-Boulder Chapter of EWB-USA (known as EWB-CU) projects in Rwanda, Nepal, and Peru. 

Current EWB-USA CU-Boulder Chapter Activities