MCEDC affiliated faculty conduct fundamental and applied research and design on appropriate technologies that are low cost, easy to use, and deliverable in most settings; on development projects; and on developing community issues.

Appropriate and Sustainable Technology Research

Appropriate technology is characterized as being small scale, energy efficient, environmentally sound, labor-intensive, and controlled by the local community. It must be simple enough to be maintained by the people using it. It must match the user and the need in complexity and scale and must be designed to foster self-reliance, cooperation and responsibility (adapted from Hazeltine & Bull, 1999).

Highlights of Past Activities

NSF International Research Experience for Students (2010-2013)
Project Description: Identify key factors that lead to the creation of sustainable water and sanitation infrastructure in developing communities through a longitudinal study of water and sanitation systems in Iquitos and Arequipa Peru. Study will be conducted in partnership with students from two Peruvian Universities; the National University of the Peruvian Amazon (UNAP) and the San Pablo Catholic University (UCSP).
Sponsor: National Science Foundation
Local Partners: Water for People, CONPAC, San Juan Bautista Municipality
Mortenson Center Faculty Engaged: Karl Linden
Students Engaged: Christie Chatterley, Josh Armstrong, Jami Nelson-Nunez, Cary Ellmers, Christopher Ringer, Lia Brune, Deena Garland, Ashlee Adams, Rebecca Rasch, and Eric Cowan (tentative)

Emissions and Burn Lab for Sustainable Fuel
Project Description: Establish facilities at CU Boulder for designing, building and testing fuel briquettes and develop curriculum/laboratory experiments for an undergraduate air quality class focused on measuring emissions and evaluating stove and fuel performance.
Sponsor: Engineering Excellence Fund (University of Colorado Boulder College of Engineering and Applied Science)
Local Partner: Burn Design Lab

Past Student Activities

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Graduates Who Have Completed an EDC Certificate

December 2015, MS Denise Mauney, Building Systems/Architectural Engineering Track
December 2015, BS/MS Anne Wrobetz, Environmental Engineering Track
Formaldehyde Sorption and Biological Activity in Porous Media
August 2015, BS/MS Jeanette Neethling, Environmental Engineering Track
Continuous Flow Applications for Managing Source-Separated Urine Nutrient Recovery
August 2015, BS/MS Christie Ritter, Environmental Engineering Track
Leveraging Local Input: A Holistic Way to Choose Appropriate Water Treatment and Cook Stove Technologies in Guatemala
August 2015, BS/MS Emily Spangler, Environmental Engineering Track
August 2015, PhD Jeff Walters, Civil Systems Track
A Systems Approach to Sustainable Rural Water Infrastructure in Developing Countries
May 2015, PhD Aaron Brown, Civil Systems Track
Community Adoption of Appropriate Technology through Persuasive Communication Design
May 2015, BS/MS Anna Campbell, Environmental Engineering Track
May 2015, MS Amanda Connell, Environmental Engineering Track
May 2015, PhD Caitlin Glover, Environmental Engineering Track
May 2015, MS Kyle Kwiatkowski, Civil Systems Track (courses only)
May 2015, MS Choolwe Mandona, Environmental Engineering Track
Treatment of Carcinogenic Volatile Organic Contaminants in Impacted Groundwater Using UV and UV/Hydrogen Peroxide Advanced Oxidation Treatment
May 2015, MS Kirsten McAfee, Civil Systems Track
May 2015, PhD Simón Mostafa, Environmental Engineering Track
Sunlight-induced Photochemical Processes in Natural and Wastewater Treatment Systems
May 2015, MS Jeanette Neethling, Environmental Engineering Track
Continuous Flow Applications for Managing Source-Separated Urine Nutrient Recovery
May 2015, MS Erick Oechler, Construction Engineering and Management Track
May 2015, MS Aaron Opdyke, Construction Engineering and Management Track (courses only)
May 2015, MS Kyle Thompson, Environmental Engineering Track (courses only)
December 2014, MS

Barbara Anderson, Environmental Engineering Track
The Impact of Donors' Reporting Requirements on NGO Decision-Making and Projects in Post-Disaster Housing Reconstruction

December 2014, MS Micah Johnson, Environmental Engineering Track
December 2014, PhD Kaitlin Litchfield, Civil Systems Track
Characterizing and Understanding the Growing Population of Socially Engaged Engineers through Engineers Without Borders-USA
December 2014, MS John Sweany, Construction Engineering and Management Track
Cognitive Demand of Engineering Information
December 2014, MS Elizabeth Travis, Environmental Engineering Track
August 2014, MS Suzanne Belmont, Civil Systems Track
Green building case study:Casey Middle School & Columbine Elementary School
August 2014, PhD Elisa Teipel, Civil Systems Track
August 2014, MS Cedar Wolf, Building Systems Program Track
May 2014, MS Ellen Goettsch, Mechanical Engineering
May 2014, MS Miranda Johnson, GeoEnvironmental Engineering
Dec 2013, MS A. Michael Bauer, Civil Systems Track
Quantitative Assessment of Appropriate Technology
December 2013, MS P. Leigh Gilmore, Environmental Engineering Track
December 2013, MS Matthew Hulse, Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering and ATLAS
December 2013, PhD Jessica Kaminsky
Social Sustainability of Sanitation Infrastructure in Developing Communities
December 2013, MS Reilly O'Brien, Civil Systems Track (courses only)
December 2013, MS Barbara Jeanne Ward, Environmental Engineering Track
Human fecal biochar briquettes from the Sol-Char Toilet for use as a solid fuel in the developing world
Aug 2013, MS Caitlin Anderson, Building Systems Program Track
August 2013, MS Lia Brune, Environmental Engineering Track
August 2013, MS Deena Garland, Environmental Engineering Track
August 2013, PhD Elizabeth O. Jordan, Civil Systems Track
Pathways to Community Recovery: A Qualitative Comparative Analysis of Post-Disaster Outcomes
August 2013, MS Christopher Ringer, Environmental Engineering Track
August 2013, MS Timothy Sullivan, Building Systems Program Track
August 2013, MS Devon Wilton, Civil Systems Track
May 2013, MS Connie Bottenberg, Environmental Engineering Track
May 2013, PhD Christie Chatterley, Environmental Engineering Track
Identifying Pathways to Well-managed School Sanitation Services in Low-income Countries
May 2013, MS Mark Hasemeyer, Civil Systems Track
May 2013, MS Laura Kohler, Environmental Engineering Track
May 2013, MS Sonya Milonova, Environmental Engineering Track
May 2013, MS Blayne Morgan, Environmental Engineering Track
May 2013, MS Amy Schweikert, Civil Systems Track
May 2013, MS Kyle Shimabuku, Environmental Engineering Track
May 2013, MS Allan Smith, Environmental Engineering Track
May 2013, MS Andrew Porter Yates, Civil Systems Track
December 2012, MS Marc Hassan, Civil Systems Track
External Environment as a Critical Success Factor in World Bank Projects
August 2012, MS Katie Spahr, Environmental Engineering Track
The Challenges to Implementing Decentralized Water Reuse: A Graywater Recirculation Case Study in Boulder, Colorado
May 2012, MS John M. Barbee, Environmental Engineering Track
A Preliminary Investigation of the Risks Associated with Applying Non-composted Jatropha curcas Seed Cake
as a Fertilizer
May 2012, MS

Ryan B. Mahoney, Environmental Engineering Track
Chlorine Residual Control using Biochars to Facilitate Sustained Safe Water Consumption

May 2012, MS Jeffrey Walters, Environmental Engineering Track
Transformative WASH Programs—Lessons Learned and Potential Steps Forward
Dec 2011, MS Chalie Nevarez Diaz, Environmental Engineering Track
Monitoring and Evaluation for El Porvenir in Rural Nicaragua
Dec 2011, MS Boston Nyer, Building Systems Engineering Track
The Use of Biomass in High Efficiency Tobacco Curing for Small Holder Farmers in Bangladesh

May 2011, MS

Lauren Panasewicz, Environmental Engineering Track
May 2011, MS

Travis Ramos, Environmental Engineering Track
Pasmata, Nicaragua:  One Step Forward.  Jalapa Valley Photo Book

May 2011, MS Cole Sigmon, Environmental Engineering Track
Live and Learn: EWB-USA Water Project Monitoring in Peru
May 2011, MS Will Zweig, Civil Systems Track
Examining and Applying the First Two Phases of the ADME Framework

Graduates Who Have Completed an EDC Track

Dec 2010, MS

Michael W. Stewart, Environmental Engineering
Measuring the Effect of Water Quality Parameters on the Release of Silver Nanoparticles from a Ceramic Surface Using a Quartz Crystal Microbalance

Dec 2010, PhD

Kamal Ouda, Civil Systems Engineering
Capacity Assessment and Analysis of Delivery of Essential Services to the Gaza Refugee Camps

Dec 2010, BS and

Christina Barstow, Environmental Engineering
Development of an Ultraviolet Point-of-Use Device for Household Water Disinfection

Dec 2009, MS

Teresa Coons, Environmental Engineering
Urban Air Pollution: Personal Exposure and Spatial Variability of Fine Particle Matters (PM2.5) in Denver, Colorado and Xi'an, China

Dec 2009, MS Amelia Lyons, Environmental Engineering
Analysis of Health Survey Data and Its Implication for Development: A Case Study in Rural Nepal.

August 2009, MS

Christie Chatterley, Environmental Engineering
UV-LED Irradiation Technology for Point-of-Use Water Disinfection in Developing Countries

May 2009, MS

Amanda Kohler, Environmental Engineering
Bacterial Disinfection and Contamination of Drinking Water by Ceramic Pot Filter Cores

Dec 2008, MS

Frances Fierst, Environmental Engineering
Rural Water Supply and Sanitation in Eastern Nepal

May 2008, MS

Maria Linderoth, Environmental Engineering
Analysis of Anaerobic Digestion for On-Site Domestic Wastewater Treatment in Tamil Nadu, India

May 2008, MS

Alena Bennett

May 2008, MS

Glen Sirakavit, Environmental Engineering
Cleaning Up the Chemicals from the Carpet Washing Process in Afghanistan

Past Graduate Students Who Have Completed EDC-Related Activities

MS Thesis, Civil Engineering, 2011

Adam Krosnowski
The Development of a Standard of Care Defining Suitable Testing of Geomaterials Intended for Unstabilized Compressed Earth Block Construction

MS Report, Civil Engineering, 2008 Jesse Steinert
Developing World Sustainable Building Practices
MS Report, Civil Engineering, 2008 Avery Bang
Cable-Suspended Pedestrian Bridge Design for Rural Construction